Pulse bag filter dust collector

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Pulse bag filter dust collector

一.Pulsed bag filter dust collector

       The pulse dust collector is a new type of high efficiency pulse dust collector improved on the basis of the bag dust collector. It integrates the advantages of all kinds of pulse jet dust collectors in separate chamber reverse blowing, overcomes the disadvantages of insufficient dust cleaning strength in separate chamber and uneven distribution of inlet and outlet air, and expands the application range。
       Pulse dust collector is when the dust-containing gas enters the dust collector by the inlet and outlet, first encounters the inclined plate and baffle in the middle of the inlet and outlet, and the air flow turns into the ash bucket, while the air flow speed slows down, due to the inertia, the coarse particles in the gas directly flow into the ash bucket, which plays the role of pre-collecting dust。The air flow into the ash hopper is then folded upward through the filter bag with a metal skeleton inside the dust is captured in the filter treatment and the air volume is gradually reduced。For proper work,To control the resistance within a certain range (140- 170 mm water column),The filter bag must be cleaned,The pulse controller triggers each control valve to open the pulse valve in sequence when cleaning the ash,The compressed air in the air bag is sprayed into the corresponding filter bag by each hole of the blowpipe,The filter bag expands rapidly,The dust accumulated on the surface of the filter bag is shed,The filter bag is regenerated。The dust falls into the ash hopper and is discharged from the body through the ash drainage system。Therefore, the dust accumulated on the filter bag is periodically pulsed to clear the ash, so that the purification gas can pass normally and ensure the operation of the dust removal system。


二.Pulse type bag filter dust collector working principle 


       Pulse dust collector refers to the method of blowing compressed air to remove the dust attached to the filter medium (cloth bag or filter cartridge);There may be several sets of pulse valves depending on the size of the dust collector,Controlled by pulse controller or PLC,Open a set of pulse valves one at a time to remove dust from the part of the bag or filter that it controls,While other cloth bags or filter cartridges work normally,After a period of time the next set of pulse valves opens,Clean up the next section,And it goes on and on 。


三.Performance characteristics of pulsed bag filter dust collector


     (1) Suitable for the general crusher difficult to crush toughness, fiber, spongy, high oil content, high sugar content of the material crushing operation, hard and brittle materials crushing effect is also very good。   

     (2) Set grinding classification in one, can produce D50:2 ~ 75μ-arbitrary particle size products。   

     (3) Compact structure, small footprint, low installed power, wide application range, cost-effective。   

     (4) The whole machine is easy to disassemble and clean, suitable for refuelling operation。   

     (5) Design and production in accordance with GMP, C-GMP, FDA standards。   

      Widely used in medicine, Chinese herbal medicine, chemical industry, food, health care products, battery materials and other industries。

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