Soundproof panel

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Soundproof panel
General objects have a sound insulation effect, but we put the average sound insulation amount (in an infinite space, an infinite amount of material is placed between the sound source and the measured point) more than 30dB board is called a sound insulation board。Sound insulation panels are generally high-density materials。
       The sound insulation board has the difference between air and vibration sound。Air sound insulation board, that is, the board that blocks the sound transmitted in the air。Vibratory sound insulation panels are panels and systems that block the sound propagating in rigid components (such as reinforced concrete integrated houses)。


The classification of building sound insulation works can be classified according to the location of sound insulation, the method of sound insulation, the sound insulation materials and varieties used。
1.According to the classification of civil engineering, it can be divided into two types: building sound insulation and structure sound insulation。
2.According to the location of sound insulation, it is roughly divided into two categories: indoor sound insulation and outdoor sound insulation。For example, indoor sound insulation includes: walls, construction surfaces, ceilings, and other characteristics that need sound insulation, building surfaces, and underground building sound insulation are also input indoor sound insulation parts;The main outdoor sound insulation projects include outdoor wall sound insulation and other outdoor sound insulation projects。
3.According to the classification of sound insulation methods, it can be divided into compound sound insulation and structural self-sound insulation。Composite sound insulation refers to a new sound insulation practice using various sound insulation materials for sound insulation。Soundproofing materials with different properties are used in soundproofing, using their respective characteristics to compound in soundproofing, and the advantages of their soundproofing materials are played to improve the overall performance of soundproofing, so as to achieve the effect of "rigid and flexible combination, multi-channel soundproofing, comprehensive protection"。
Structural self-sound insulation refers to a sound insulation practice that adopts a certain form or method to construct self-sound insulation or combined with blocking sound transmission。Such as the use of sound absorbing cotton, sound absorbing board and other materials, the use of continuous sound absorption, to reduce the transmission path of sound, while changing the range of sound transmission。


The main features of the sound insulation board: under the premise of ensuring sound absorption and sound insulation effect, it is characterized by simple production and installation。
1. Large sound insulation: the average sound insulation capacity is 30dB 。(Condition sound absorbent cotton 48K, thickness 95 × height 500 × length 1000-3000)
2, weather durability: the product has water resistance, heat resistance, UV resistance, will not be caused by rain temperature changes to reduce performance or quality abnormalities。Product Noise barrier adopts endurance plate, galvanized endurance plate, glass wool, H steel column surface galvanized treatment anti-corrosion life of more than 15 years。
3, sound insulation board beautiful: can choose a variety of colors and shapes to combine, coordinate with the surrounding environment, form a beautiful landscape。
4, sound insulation board economy: prefabricated construction, improve work efficiency, shorten construction time, can save construction costs and labor costs。
5, sound insulation board convenient: parallel installation with other products, easy maintenance, easy to update。
6, sound insulation board safety: both ends of the sound absorption board using Φ6.2 Wire rope is connected and fixed to prevent secondary damage, resulting in personnel and property losses。
7, sound insulation board light: sound-absorbing board series products have the characteristics of light weight, square meter mass is less than 20 kg, can reduce the load-bearing load of elevated light rail, elevated road, can reduce the structural cost。
8, sound insulation board fire prevention: the use of ultra-fine glass wool, due to its high melting point, non-combustible, fully meet the requirements of environmental protection and fire protection regulations, fire prevention and so on up to A level。
9, high strength: combined with different climatic conditions in various regions of China, the wind load is fully considered in the structural design。采用 1.0-1. 6mm galvanized sheet, through numerical control equipment, pressing grooves to increase strength, so that the product is resistant to 10-12 typhoon, pressure 300kg/m2
10, waterproof, dust-proof: shutter design fully consider waterproof, dust-proof, the Angle is set to 450 degrees, in the dust or rain environment, its sound absorption is not affected, the structure has been set in the dust drainage measures to avoid internal water。
11, the sound insulation board durable: the product design has fully considered the road wind load, traffic vehicle impact safety and the whole climate of the open air anticorrosion。Products using aluminum alloy endurance plate, galvanized endurance plate, glass wool, H steel column surface galvanized treatment。The company guarantees that the products will not be corroded, unchanged, sound absorption and sound insulation effect will not be reduced within 15 years。

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