Sound barrier

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Sound barrier

       Sound barriers, mainly used for highways, highways, elevated composite roads and othersNoise source隔声降噪。Divided into pure sound insulation reflex typeSound barrier,和吸声Combined with sound insulationSound barrierThe latter is a more effective sound insulation method。It means to ease traffic噪声The impact on nearby residents and the installation of the side of the railway and road wallstructure。
     Sound walls are also called sound barriers。A facility is inserted between the sound source and the receiver to make the sound wave
Propagation has a significant additional attenuation, thus weakening the receiver within a certain area噪声
Such a facility is called an acoustic barrier。It is divided into traffic noise barriers, equipment noise attenuation noise barriers, industrial plant boundaries noise barriers, roads and highways are the most used places of various types of sound barriers。

The height of the sound barrier is between 1m and 5m, and the average noise reduction of the effective area is 10 ~ 15dB(A)(125Hz ~ 40000Hz, 1/3 times)Frequency range), up to 20dB(A)。Generally speaking, the higher the sound barrier, or the farther away from the sound barrier, the better the noise reduction effect。

       The general principle of sound barrier material selection is good noise reduction performance, safe and reliable structure, economical material price, low installation cost, durable, long service life, landscape coordination, beautiful and generous。Specific instructions are as follows:

(1) Large sound insulation: the average sound insulation should not be less than 35dB;
(2) High sound absorption coefficient: average sound absorption coefficientIt should be no less than 0.84;
(3) Weather durability: The product should have water resistance, heat resistance, UV resistance, and will not reduce performance or quality abnormalities due to rain temperature changes。Products using aluminum alloy coil, galvanized coil, glass wool, H steel column surface galvanized outer layer anticorrosion life of more than 15 years。
(4) Beautiful: you can choose a variety of colors and shapes to combine, and coordinate with the surrounding environment to form a beautiful landscape。
(5) Economy: prefabricated construction, improve work efficiency, shorten construction time, can save construction costs and labor costs。
(6) Convenient: parallel installation with other products, easy maintenance, easy to update。
(7) Light: sound-absorbing board series products have the characteristics of light weight, which can reduce the overhead light rail,Elevated roadThe bearing load can reduce the structural cost。
(8) Fire prevention: The use of ultra-fine glass wool, due to its high melting point, non-combustible, fully meet the requirements of environmental protection and fire protection regulations。
(9) High strength: combined with different climatic conditions in different regions of China, the virtual wind load is fully examined in the structural design。Strength is increased by pressing grooves on the production line。
(10) Waterproof and dust-proof: the material design fully considers waterproof and dust-proof, and its sound absorption performance is not affected in the dust or rain environment, and dust drainage measures have been set in the structure to avoid water accumulation inside the component。The sound absorption performance of the micro-perforated resonant cavity is not affected in the rain environment, and the noise reduction is especially obvious for middle and low frequency。
(11) Durability: The product design has fully considered the wind load of the road, the impact safety of traffic vehicles and the open-air anti-corrosion of the whole air。Products using aluminum alloy coil, galvanized coil, glass wool, H steel column surface galvanized treatment。In the warranty period, no corrosion, no variation, sound absorption, sound insulation effect is not reduced。
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