Reclaimed water treatment project

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Reclaimed water treatment project

      Reclaimed water,Refers to the domestic sewage (or urban sewage) or industrial wastewater through in-depth technical treatment,Remove all kinds of impurities,Remove toxic, harmful substances and some heavy metal ions that pollute the water,Further disinfection and sterilization,Its water is colorless, tasteless and clear and transparent,And meet or better than the national regulations of miscellaneous water standards (or relevant regulations),Widely used in enterprise production or resident life。

      Water sources are divided into high quality miscellaneous drainage and sewage treatment, water sources are generally not a single water source, most of them have three combinations:

     □ Toilet drainage, shower drainage, circulating cooling water called high quality miscellaneous drainage, should be preferred;

     □ The domestic drainage other than flushing drainage is called miscellaneous drainage;

     □ Sewage treatment, that is, the general term for all domestic drainage, this water quality is the worst。

     Applicable to hotels, restaurants, residential areas, apartment buildings, schools, hospitals, factories, troops and other units of sprinkling green space, sprinkling sanitation, washing roads, stations, platforms, warehouses, landscape water, fire supply water, water cooling cycle supplement water, flushing water and so on。

Reclaimed water treatment project

      Regarding the reclaimed water treatment process, we recommend MBR membrane reclaimed water technology, which has the advantages of good separation effect, small footprint and strong load impact resistance 

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